How to Brand Your Law Firm

Let's Be Honest.  Most Law Firm Branding and Marketing is Cookie-Cutter and Cliché.

The website templates are similar. The colors and stock photography are similar. The messages are similar. Free Consultation! No Fees Unless You Win! We're Experienced!  

Sure, it's Boring.  But, Worse, There's Very Little Brand Differentiation.  

Prospective clients can't tell what makes these law firms exceptional. They are missing opportunities to develop their brand and set themselves apart.  

When you are creating content or copywriting for a law firm (or any professional business), you should create a cohesive, branded message.  All law firms want to be portrayed as successful, capable and diligent, but this isn't enough.

Re-Think Your Marketing Message.

Today's legal market is filled with lawyers who are talented, intelligent, and experienced. A successful legal marketing campaign helps prospective clients understand why your law firm is more than that.  Successful legal marketing converts you from a law firm to their law firm.

Three Tips on How to Create Branded Content

1.  Assess your institutional strengths.

Think critically about your strengths. What makes your law firm special?  Are you an exceptional client educator?  A wickedly good cross examiner?  Do you have technical expertise, or a passion for social justice? These are the things (along with positive results) that make your clients love you. 

2.  Create a mission statement.

How do you implement your institutional strengths on a daily basis?  Who do you represent, and why? Create a mission statement that summarizes how you approach law and client relationships. This helps your prospective clients understand who you are, and what to expect.

3.  Tell your story.

You should do more than publish your mission statement.  Weave it through all of your content. Create a distinctive voice for your firm and its lawyers.  If your mission is to enable and grow small businesses, all of your content and calls to action should reflect this.  Instead of just stating facts, tell your story and use a consistent voice.

Need Help?

We know that building a law firm brand can be difficult.  Perbacco Digital can help.  We provide high-quality copywriting and marketing advice to law firms, sole practitioners and other professional services.  Want more information? 

Let's get to work.