"You Can't Be Great on the Side."

In a recent Vanity Fair interview, comedian and Academy Awards host Chris Rock says that his motto is:

"You can’t be great on the side.” Whenever one of my friends starts telling me about the 12 projects they’re working on simultaneously, I always say, “Slow down. You can’t be great on the side.

This resonated with us, since it is often our clients' dilemma.  Small business owners usually have many projects running simultaneously.

You are the marketing team.  (And the litigator.  And the human resources director. And the business manager, etc. etc..)  You and your staff don't have the bandwidth to study search engine algorithms, maintain multiple social media accounts, and write engaging content. More importantly, you don't want to be a marketing genius.  

You went to law school to practice law, not marketing.

Unfortunately, digital marketing is becoming increasingly important in today's legal market. Lawyers can no longer rely on a full page phone book ad and word-of-mouth to generate new clients.  Your prospective clients are on the web, looking for you. Will they find you?  Will they like what they see?

If you are going to be your own marketing team, own it.

Dedicate time every day to managing your law firm's brand and digital presence.  Modern search engine algorithms expect you to participate in the digital community.  You need to regularly post fresh content, share information, and network with your colleagues and clients. 

Perbacco Digital encourages its clients to do these three things:

  1. Create an editorial calendar.
  2. Schedule posts, if you're going to be busy.
  3. Remember to share your fresh content on your company's social media pages (and your personal pages too!).

Do you need more advice?  Perbacco Digital can guide you through the complexities of online marketing, and provide you and your staff with the training you need.

If you don't want to be a legal marketer, contact Perbacco Digital.

We understand the challenges facing small and mid-sized law firms.  Perbacco Digital can write your content, design your website, and update your social media accounts.  Your website will be engaging, informative, and optimized. Your content will be written by an experienced J.D.. 

Go back to practicing law.  (It's pretty fun.)


Leigh Ebrom