Building an Effective Law Firm Newsletter

A law firm's newsletter can do more than relay information.  With a little effort, newsletters (or blogs) can be an excellent way to attract and retain clients. A well-constructed newsletter should be consistent with your brand, well-written, and engaging.

Your Newsletter Should be Targeted to YOUR Clients.

Before you create a newsletter or legal blog, do some research. Consider who your clients are-- and who you want them to be. In other words, define your marketing "personas."

A marketing persona describes a sub-section of your client base. You can create these personas by analyzing your client database. You also should build for personas for the clients you want to attract. Consider the persona's age, sophistication and motivations. 

Newsletter content should be created to speak to your law firm's marketing personas. You want your clients (and prospective clients) to read your law firm's newsletter!

If your law firm has a diverse practice with many different personas, consider multiple newsletters that target these individual populations. 

Your Firm's Newsletter Should Express Your Brand.

Your law firm's brand is a public expression of its identity. A brand is more than a logo. Instead, it is an expression of who you are and how you practice law. (To learn more, see our post on legal branding.) 

A newsletter is a great way to further your law firm's brand. Use logos, graphics and colors that are consistent with your brand's visual image. More importantly, the articles should educate your readers about your practice and outlook.

Instead of just setting out facts, create stories or narratives that explain your law firm's added value.

Perform Data Analysis.

Most newsletter and blogging solutions include data analytics. Using data, compare the content and timing of successful and unsuccessful newsletters. What are your readers attracted to? What topics should you avoid? Does a certain style of writing seem to resonate better than others?

Commit to Publishing Your Newsletter.

It's incredibly easy to let a law firm newsletter become inactive. You and your partners probably would prefer practicing law to create marketing content. But, newsletters are most effective when they are consistently sent out. 

Set realistic publishing goals-- such as a monthly or quarterly newsletter-- and keep them. If you need help with newsletter content, contact Perbacco Digital for help. We create unique and compelling content for law firm newsletters and blogs.


Leigh Ebrom